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Boiler Servicing


To keep your boiler working safely and efficiently at all times, gas boiler manufacturers recommend that your boiler is serviced every year. What’s more, an annual service it is estimated to save you as much as 10 – 15% on energy bills.

That sort of saving is well worth having with the cost of Gas today.

It’s a good idea to have your annual boiler service in the summer months to make sure your boiler is in peak condition for when you need it. 

 For example, take this case from last year:

 The body of Gillian Adams, 60 was found in St Ives, Cornwall, by a builder and neighbour on 12 February, 2013.

The inquest in Truro was told the boiler had ventilation and flue problems and it was uncertain when it had last been serviced.

Coroner Barry Van de Berg ruled Ms Adams died as a result of CO poisoning from a faulty gas boiler. Three dogs also died from poisoning.

Ms Adams' body was found on the floor of the Treliska Guest House in St Ives, with two dead dogs close by and a third found elsewhere in the property.

Gas investigator Cary Marshall told the inquest the gas central heating boiler did not meet current gas installation regulations.

Mr Marshall highlighted the importance of installing CO alarms and having appliances regularly maintained. 

So not only is a regular, annual gas boiler service essential to ensure that any issues are discovered and dealt with quickly, it is also essential for safety, energy efficiency, saving money and ensuring you get the most out of the life of your boiler.

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