Coventry and Warwickshire, Plumbing and Gas Services 1st Floor 19, Hurlbutt Road, Heathcote, Warwick. CV34 6TD - 01926 310 900

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Meet The Team

Company Directors

  • Ian Thompson – Managing Director
  • David Dickinson
  • Richard Condon

Office Staff

  • Andy Owen - Administration Personnel
  • Craig Rowlands - Administration Personnel
  • Marta Gemesi - Administration Personnel

Engineers, Plumbers & Apprentices

  • Steve Mancini –  Repair & Service Manager
  • Mark Wills – Installation Manager
  • Charles Ridley – Service and Breakdown Engineer
  • Cale Sunner  – Plumbing Engineer
  • Dan Heritage – Plumbing and Heating Engineer
  • Martin Mead – Plumbing and Heating Engineer
  • Thomas Justice – Engineering Apprentice
  • Jack Mead – Engineering Apprentice


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